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Club President’s Message: Nov 2020

As you have probably read in the paper, Alameda County has started to ease up on the COVID-19 restrictions. The Board is meeting on November 4 to read through the five pages of guidelines and requirement for the Club to reopen at 25% capacity. As you might imagine there are many things we have to work out. (Besides things to purchase, we will need to meet with our employees and instruct them in new procedures, determine how we can configure the dining room for social distancing, how to serve the meals, etc.) When we have decided how we can proceed safely, we will make our application and have it approved by the County Health Department and will notify everyone about the reopening of the Club. What we can say now is that here is a light at the end of the tunnel. Quello che possiamo dire ora è che qui c’è una luce alla fine del tunnel.

Colombo Club Meals to Go

On October 17, we had our very first dinner-to-go Spaghetti and Meatballs. This event was a resounding success. Compliments to all that participated to make this work.

How you Can Help

When joining the Club, we all take on responsibilities to enhance all members’ experience at the Colombo Club. I call on all members to contact Cyril Bonanno or Tony Tedeschi by calling the club and leaving a message if you can volunteer to help. We are now in need of a work party of qualified people to help finish the women’s bathroom in the ballroom. This is just one example of how you can participate. Also think about becoming a board member. Being part of the decision-making experience is very rewarding. Let Billy Castell know if you would like to run for a position on the board or a position as an officer of the Club. That the Club and events is very important. Just being a member is a great thing but working to make the Club better for all the new members to come in the next 100 years is a responsibility. Il tempo che trascorri al club e agli eventi è molto importante, ma essere solo un membro è una grande cosa, ma lavorare per rendere il club migliore per tutti I nuovi soci a venire nei prossimi 100 anni è una responsabilità. I can tell you personally, I do not take the position of president lightly, and I encourage all members to help.

Thank You to the Women’s Auxiliary

I would like to personally thank the Women’s Auxiliary for their generous donation to the Club of $5,000 to help in the remodeling of the women’s bathroom in the ballroom. The board, directors and all members thank you very much. Il consiglio di amministrazione, i direttori e tutti i membri vi ringraziano molto.

A New Perspective

The year 2020 has been very challenging, but it has also helped bring a better sense of self to people that look for it. We have had the opportunity to take a soft check on our lives and alter the direction of the future. How we now engage with our neighbors and family in personal and business has been greatly enhanced. Having the moment to understand what is important in your life is a blessing that has come from this blip of inconvenience in our lives. Avere il momento di capire ciò che è importante nella vostra vita è una benedizione che è venuta da questo blip di disagio nella nostra vita.

Assembly Meeting

I am very excited about our upcoming Assembly Meeting to welcome new members, and report on the overall health and direction of the Club. This meeting will be on November 17 at 6 pm. Unlike other Assembly Meetings, there will be no dinner. You will be able to attend the meeting at the Club, but a reservation will be required as there will be limited seating due to our social distancing and health department requirements. If sold out or you choose not to attend in person then you will be able to attend through a Zoom meeting connection. If you would like to attend in person, please call quickly and leave a message on the ext. 3 to make a reservation. This is also a very good time to make sure your email, address, and phone number is updated so we can reach out and give you information quickly as things are changing fast. Questo è anche un ottimo momento per assicurarti che la tua email, indirizzo e numero di telefono siano aggiornati in modo che possiamo contattarti e darti informazioni rapidamente mentre le cose stanno cambiando velocemente.

If your info has changed and needs to be updated go to the new Colombo Club website,, press on contact, general-inquiries, and complete the form and submit.

Spero che il tuo tutto bene

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