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October has come and gone. Does it not seem like time is flying by? Two years ago we had no idea what was in front of us. Just three months later February 2020, our world changed quite a bit. The October birthday dinner brought back a sense of hope that things can return. I am so happy with the seamless acceptance of the members and guests presenting their vaccination and proof of negative test cards at the door of the Ed Basso Room. This was a moment where we worked together to keep all of our members safe and comfortable. Questo è stato un momento in cui abbiamo lavorato insieme per mantenere tutti i nostri membri al sicuro e a proprio agio.

Another milestone was achieved with the cashless payment for all dinner tickets. Evolving into credit card payment will be enhanced over the years. This will not only make the volunteer duties of distributing dinner tickets easier but will also make it easier to acquire reservations online.

Starting January 1st we will be reinstating the free birthday dinner for members with birthdays that month. I personally would like to thank all for your patience as we have navigated through the troubled waters. Soon we will be back to normal and will be happier with some of the changes that will enhance the club experience. That experience was evident on the October 14th Birthday Dinner. I can only express my emotion, but I was impressed with the true comradery of the members and guests that created a very special feeling. This feeling is and needs to be remembered and highlighted as it is the true meaning of why we have and continue to support The Colombo Club. I am in the middle of the Alameda County Fair at the time of writing this letter. The fair represents hundreds of years of tradition. Like all ways of life, we must change, but the traditional experiences and values must remain. Like the fair it is our duty to make sure the traditions get enhanced but never change. Come tutti i modi di vivere, dobbiamo cambiare, ma le esperienze e i valori tradizionali devono rimanere. Come la fiera è nostro dovere fare in modo che le tradizioni vengano esaltate ma mai cambiate.

I feel honored to be part of two traditions and helping push them past the Covid years.

November we will have our Birthday Dinner on the 4th and then on Tuesday the 16th, we will have our yearly Assembly Meeting. Please try to attend, reservations are required, but your attendance and involvement into the next generation of The Colombo Club is needed. Come and be part and help with the forward direction of the club. You are an owner and owners have a voice, but we cannot just hear your voice through emails. Be part of the group, show your support, attend the Assembly Meeting and welcome new members to our family.

To be Italian is not just a adjective, it’s a verb and we need to Be Italian. It is with great pleasure to say I’m Italian and Belong to the Best And Largest Italian Club West of The Mississippi and don’t forget about it! Essere italiani non è solo un aggettivo, è un verbo e dobbiamo essere italiani. È con grande piacere dire che sono italiano e appartengo al miglior e più grande club italiano a ovest del Mississippi e non dimenticarlo.

Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno.

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