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Club President’s Message: October 2019

Ciao, Ciao,
This year is going by so quick its hard to stay ahead of all the events that the Club has to offer. If you have not signed up yet, the Golf Tournament is on October 7th at the beautiful Sequoia Country Club. All proceeds go to our scholarship program. You don’t have to be a good golfer to enjoy the day, and if you only want to just attend the dinner that night, that’s alright – prime rib and raviolis – a Colombo Club signature meal.

Another signature meal for the club is the Pasta al la Anna created by John Tandi’s wife Anna Mae Tandi. This will be the feature accompanied by roast beef for the birthday dinners. We always need to thank Anna Mae for painting the mural in the rear of the dining room. Thank you Anna Mae for creating something that will be part of our Club for the next hundred years. Grazie, Anna Mae per aver creato qualcosa che farà parte del nostro club per i prossimi cento anni.

Halloween is always a favorite time of year for me. A year has passed since we moved from our home in Castro Valley. We spent many years there, and our Halloween nights were very special, handing out over 300 pieces of candy each year. My appreciation of the night grew from attending the Halloween Party at the Colombo Club for many years as a child. Living just a block away from the Club on Miles made if easy for my mom Lorraine and my dad Vince to dress up my brother Al and I, and walk to the Club. It was always fun to see what our friends picked to be that year hoping to win the best costume award. Dress up the kids and be at the Club October 26th.

The Auxiliary Polenta Night reminds me of when my Noni Rosa, my father’s mom, made polenta every year on the first rain of the year. My life in the food business and love of cooking was started cooking in the kitchen with Nona. She taught me this dish which to this day I still make for family and friends on the first rain of the year. Rain or shine, the Colombo Club Auxiliary always has a wonderful polenta dinner for all to enjoy – October 17th.

As you can see from above there are so many events that the Club has to offer. Remember this does not just happen. Many people work tirelessly to create these events. Thanks to all who make it happen, our Club would not be the same without your help. Grazie a tutto ciò, il nostro club non sarebbe lo stesso senza il tuo aiuto. If you’re not one that is in this group, reach out and become one. You are an owner of this club and it is your responsibility to help the rest.

Columbus Day is upon us, a month where we can celebrate our Italian Heritage. Take the time to remember your grand parents who came from Italy and made a life for us to prosper in. If you have not been there for a while go into the Isabela room, and look back on the history of the Club. Thank you John Penna for starting the collection of memorabilia that to this day every Club member can enjoy.

Grazie, John Penna per aver iniziato la raccolta di cimeli che fino ad oggi tutti i membri del club possono apprezzare.

Nick Nicora
Colombo Club President

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