Well, I guess it was fun to be back at a Club dinner for awhile, but the health and safety of our members has to be our top priority. The Board voted to review the Covid situation every month at our monthly board meetings and decide whether or not it would be feasible to safely have a dinner that month. Odio essere l’orso delle cattive notizie, ma come avete sentito il club sta ancora una volta chiudendo sul lato della cautela. As you are aware, the new Covid Delta variant has made a return in our area. We have no choice but to be cautious. The Club made a grand reopening and will return again soon.

The Anniversary dinner was postponed until December 4. This was very disappointing to all of us as we had the night set up to be a great event. Now we will be celebrating not only our 100yrs plus one, but also the anniversary of the opening of the Colombo Club on Claremont Avenue 70 years ago. We also would like to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Women’s Auxiliary at that time. Three celebrations in one. Ora celebreremo non solo i nostri 100 anni e uno, ma anche l’anniversario dell’apertura del Colombo Club su Claremont Ave. Tre celebrazioni in una. If you want a refund for the August anniversary dinner that is being postponed we will honor your wishes. Please note that if you have a reservation to the first or second anniversary dinner, they will be honored in December. There will be a discussion at the next board meeting about the anniversary dinner celebrations. I will be advocating for two dinners.

I am happy to report that the women’s bathroom in the main ballroom is complete and very nice. I want to thank Tony Ballestero for all the work he did (and continues to do) on the remodel of all the Club bathrooms. I would also like to thank the women’s auxiliary for their support in the remodel. It’s great to see the relationship with the Auxiliary board and members flourish in this time of struggle. As we get back on our feet, it’s imperative that we work together and bring the love and support to the Colombo Club. Mentre ci riuniamo in piedi, è imperativo lavorare insieme e portare l’amore e il sostegno al Colombo Club.

The birthday dinners in May, June, July and August, were very exciting and I could not wait for the pasta to come out. The food was superb. I cannot thank enough the kitchen staff for all the hard work, and look forward to the next birthday dinner, which I hope will be soon. Non posso ringraziare abbastanza il personale di cucina per tutto il duro lavoro, e non vedo l’ora che arrivi la prossima cena di compleanno, che spero sarà presto.

It seems that there are more cases of Covid, but luckily it seems to not be as severe for some people. I have a few friends that have come down with it including my son, and they said it was like a bad cold or mild flu. Hopefully this is a good trend, and we can open the doors once again.

Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno.

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