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Hard to believe we just passed our 102 years. As always, the Anniversary dinner was an epic event – the food, dancing and most importantly the people. One thing is for sure, the Colombo Club brings out the best in family and friends. I would say that our founding fathers would be proud of how we have continued the family connection to why the Club is what it is. Direi che i nostri padri fondatori sarebbero grati per come abbiamo continuato il legame familiare con il motivo per cui il club è quello che è. We all hope that we can keep alive the charter members’ vision that “the Club would be entirely social, dedicated to the moral and physical well being of its members, promotion of the best interests of the community and the highest ideals of American citizenship, and the best Italian family traditions, customs and folklore” in the many years we have left.

In order to continue this vision, we must teach our youth, that are now coming of age, to dress the part at the Club. The Colombo Club dress code has always been a highlight of the Club. Lately, we have seen a dip in the desire to adhere to this code. Please take the time to think about how you want to represent yourself at the Club and how you will be perceived by the younger members. Per favore, prenditi il tempo per pensare a come vuoi rappresentarti nel club e come sarai percepito dai membri più giovani. I was taught from the very beginning of my existence at the Club to respect the values, and the most important one for me and my family was to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Please take a look at your account with the Club. We have had a bit of an issue coming out of the Covid years with some accounting. Check to see if you have paid your dues. We know some letters have gone out and some called to say they already paid. Sorry for that! We are still adjusting to the online billing. But please be patient with us as we catch up. Obviously dues are very important to the survival of the Club. Make sure you have paid. While you are at it, if your have moved, changed your email address, or phone number, please email John Mazibrook so we can update your information on our club roster. (

Dinners have again become very popular and the kitchen is under great pressure to, not only create fantastic dinners, but to also worry about the escalating cost of food products. The number of reservations is the key to keeping the Club going. The cooks will always make great food, but how much to buy and then trying to not have too much waste. We can handle this in house, but your responsibility is to make your reservation correct and make your cancellations in a timely manner. We have seen an uptick in reservations for 10 and only seven show up. This causes 10 dinners to be prepared and three wasted with no value to offset cost. We have a policy of making the member pay $15 for the no-show guest, but that creates tension at the ticket counter and more work for the staff reaching out to collect. Now we know things come up and people get sick, but you need to inform the Club prior to the dinner of the reduced reservation. If you don’t make those cancellations, you are responsible for paying for those dinners. Please take the time to help us with this as it will help us manage the finances in the coming years.

Overall, the Club has never been better. Again, we have to always thank the people behind the scenes. They are the ones who make it happen. Help us help them to make the continued greatness even greater. It is all of our responsibility to do our part as owners of the Colombo Club and continue to bring love and happiness to everyone that crosses our threshold. È nostra responsabilità fare la nostra parte come proprietari del Colombo Club e continuare a portare amore e felicità a tutti coloro che varcano la nostra soglia.

Here’s to many More Years of Happiness at the Club! Chin Chin!!!

Festeggia centodue anni.

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