100 Year Anniversary

Telling the story of the Colombo Club, how it came to be and how it has grown and changed over the years, is a worthwhile task. If no one ever stops to remember what happened way back when, we will lose a valuable piece of our identity as an Italian organization. Once the memory is […]

100 Year Plus One Anniversary

100 Year Plus One Anniversary 1

We all look forward to celebrating our 100th Year Plus One Anniversary this year in August. Those of you who already have copies of Cent Anni: A One Hundred History of the Colombo Club, have seen the wonderful list celebrations that were planned by our anniversary committee for 2020. Over the next months leading up […]

Aux President’s Message: May 2020

Aux President’s Message: May 2020 2

My mother always told me that we (Italians) are a strong, resilient people.  She then would go into details of how my grandparents persevered through the long arduous journey from Italy to Illinois where my Nonno found work.  For several years he would travel back and forth from Illinois to Italy.  When they saved enough […]

Aux President’s Message: June 2020

Aux President’s Message: June 2020 3

Life has changed for all of us. Our Colombo Club activities are missing from our lives, and I for one feel a large void. Being an Italian has always meant greeting familia with warm hugs and usually kisses. As I grew up, I was a little taken back when hugs and kisses were not the […]

Aux President’s Message: July 2020

Aux President’s Message: July 2020 4

SIX LITTLE STORIES WITH LOTS OF MEANING    Author unknown (1) Once all villagers decided to pray for rain.  On the day of prayer, all of the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella.  THAT IS FAITH. (2) When you throw babies in the air, they laugh because they know you will […]

Aux President’s Message: August 2020

Aux President’s Message: August 2020 5

Who would have ever imagined that our lives could be forever changed by an unknown virus.  Every day I look around, usually through fogged glasses (due to my new accessory–my face mask) and see neighborhood businesses that are closing, playgrounds closed, schools not being readied for the upcoming school year, neighborhoods crowed with parked vehicles […]

Aux President’s Message: October 2020

Aux President’s Message: October 2020 6

Summer is over and what tales we will recall.  I now have an extensive collection of protective face masks, one for almost every outfit.  Of course, most outfits consist of shorts, shirts, casual slacks or jeans.  No reason to dress up because there are no places to go.   We all sat back and contemplated […]

Aux President’s Message: Sept 2020

Aux President’s Message: Sept 2020 7

It has been quite a summer. First of all, the never-ending virus. The uncertainty of being able to make any kind of plans. Once you find friends who feel safe enough to even tempt social distancing, then to find a place to social distance. Really? A virtual baby shower, a wedding by Zoom and a […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: Sept 2019

Auxiliary President's Message: Sept 2019 8

The Auxiliary congratulates the Colombo Club men on their recent 99th Anniversary on August 17, 2019. The dinner celebration was a lovely event. On July 27, the Italian American Federation selected their Queen for the year 2020. Erica Del Vigna, who was sponsored by the Colombo Club and CC Auxiliary, was chosen by three judges, […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: October 2019

Auxiliary President's Message: October 2019 9

The Auxiliary’s Back to School Dinner was a great success. Our chairs Jean Inferrera and Lucille Barengo did an outstanding job. Everyone enjoyed the delicious dinner. Thank you ladies, for a job well done. The All Club Picnic on August 31 at the Martinez Marina was well attended. It took many people to help put […]