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A tavola non si invecchia

October 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter

Noi non potremo avere perfetta vita senza amicii

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Happy Birthday greeting

Tom Alberti

Scott Alstad

Theodore Anderson

Tom Baldocchi, Jr.

William Bales

Ronald D. Banda

Rocco Biale

Raymond Bonetti

Joseph Brignole

Stefan Brown

Michael Bruno

Milton Bruzzone

Daniel J. Cabral

Allan Canestro

Frank Capaldo

Joseph Capaldo

Michael Aldo Castro

Ted Catanesi

Richard Caula

Bill T. Cavalli, D.D.S.

Chris Cormier

Michael John Cronin

Dennis Crudo

David Cutaia, Sr.

Matthew A. DeBellis

Kenneth M. DeCrosta, Jr.

William J. Delucchi

Charles B. Enea

Dante Feole

Shawn R. Finato

David Fraioli

John Gavello

Louis Gervolino

Dennis Ghiggeri

Ronald J. Ghiglieri

David Guidotti

David Hanks

Matt Hawk

Mike Isola

William A. Laurent

Michael Long

Peter Lucchese

Craig J. Lucchese

Baldassare Lucido

Mel Manes

Ralph Martin

Louis D. Mascola

Brandon Mascola

John Mazibrook, Jr.

Eric McClaskey

Michael McNeilly

Timothy Morley

Gregory Motta

David J. Nardi

Stephen Anthony Natale

Nick Nicosia

Larry Nuti

J. Corbin Pacheco

Michael Pandolfo

Gino Paoletti

Joseph Perillo

John Puccini

Jeffrey Raimondi

David Rainero

Anthony S. Ravnik M.D.

Jon Re

David Rinetti

Leonard R. Rocca

Jerry Rossi

Alex Rossi

Kris Sanford

Joseph Sarapochillo

Tim Sbranti

Charles H. Scarano

Jonathan Sciacqua

David Scornaienchi

Joe Scornaienchi

Jerry Shelley

Patrick Silva

Tom Simonetti

Shawn Sobrero

Donato J. Stinghen

David Thornly

Brian A. Wiesendanger

Ralph A Zappala

October Birthday Dinners

The Club will be closed again this month because of the COVID-19 virus restrictions on mass gatherings. We will inform members via email when we are given directive from state officials that it is safe for the Club to reopen.

October 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 1

Would You Like to Cook for the Club?

Join our team of chefs! Call Tony Tedeschi for more information: (510) 653-9716 Ext. 353.

President’s Message

Ciao, Ciao

We all look forward to the day when the Club will open again.  We have been in constant contact with the Alameda County Health Department. We will open the Club as soon as we get the go ahead to do so. The decisions the board is making are coming from facts presented to us by the county and the state.  The board continues to meet monthly and we have started offering takeout meals and wine.  We will continue to do so and look for more ways to keep the Club going during this lockdown.  One way you can help the financial health of the Club is to preorder one or more of these meals and purchase some Club merchandise when you come to the Club. It has been very frustrating for all us, but we greatly appreciate your patience.  E ‘con grande frustrazione che non sappiamo quando la contea permetterà assemblaggio Interna.   

Be assured that we are working as hard as we can to maintain the Club financial stability and open the Club as soon as possible.  There does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.  This week the governor has softened his stance on reopening restaurants and public assemblage establishments.  The county quickly responded that it would wait two weeks before deciding on when to allow reopening. The board will discuss these new facts and decide what to do. We are open for suggestions and we welcome the participation of any members who would like to attend a board meeting. Stay tuned and stay involved!! Restate sintonizzati!!

I do want to thank all the members who have participated in the merchandise program to date.  We have been able to generate much needed cash and every bit helps. There have been a few items that needed to be back ordered.  We are trying to minimize inventory so, again, Thank You for your patience.   Stiamo cercando di ridurre al minimo l’inventario quindi grazie per la vostra pazienza. Some items are ordered when they are purchased which causes a bit of a delay. Please continue to purchase through the website and proudly wear the Colombo Club logo. 

October 17th will be the Colombo Clubs first “to-go” dinner   Spaghetti and Meatballs make sure you request your dinner prior to October 15th they will sell out.

I hope everyone in your family is doing well. We all hope that this situation will end soon, and we will be able to see each other at the Club once again.  We have been together for 100 years and this blip in time will not stop us from moving on in the future and being part of the proud Colombo Club family. Cento anni siamo stati insieme questo blip nel tempo non ci impedirà di andare avanti nel futuro e di far parte dell’orgogliosa Colombo Club Famiglia.

Spero che il tuo tutto bene. Celebrare Cento Anni,

Nick Nicora, President
nnicora@comcast. net

Colombo Club Auxiliary President’s Message

Summer is over and what tales we will recall.  I now have an extensive collection of protective face masks, one for almost every outfit.  Of course, most outfits consist of shorts, shirts, casual slacks or jeans.  No reason to dress up because there are no places to go.  

We all sat back and contemplated what we could do under our limited guidelines.  We created our “bubble” of friends that we could socially distance with.   The major thing that I discovered is that everything can change so quickly.  If we do not embrace change and try and see the benefits of change, we will always be kept in that “bubble.”  We talk about how this pandemic has brought family and limited friends closer, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to be part of one huge family Colombo Club dinner?

We probably work harder now being home. Small irritating events do not seem insurmountable next to this virus.  I just feel that we together will find the answers.  Through all this confusion we must not forget CHANGE is good and sometimes we need to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes.

Just think of how the final result of Christopher Columbus’ voyage was completely different than what he set out for. Yet due to his perseverance and strong Italian heritage, his journey was successful and helped pave the beginnings of the Colombo Club.

Let’s pray that we have learned the skills to listen with empathy and respect and embrace the positive results of change.

Che Dio ci benedica e ci protegga.

Sylvia Jesuit, Colombo Club Auxiliary President

Sunshine Corner

If you know of a member who is ill or passed away, please let Gordon Bowman,Sunshine Chair know. Call him at (925) 449-5549.  

October 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 2

Special Take-Out Dinner from the Club – October 17

Support the Club and enjoy a great meal of pasta and meatballs – just like the good old days!  Meals are just $12 each.  Preorder by phoning the club by October 10, at (510) 653-9716, ext 3. You can pick up your order between 10 am and 3 pm on Saturday October 17. Thank you for supporting the Club in any way you can!

Club Store Open from 10 am – 3 pm

  • Wednesday, October 7 
  • Saturday, October 17 
  • Thursday, October 29

Tables will be set up in the Club Room. Social distancing and masks will be required. Please make purchases by credit card or exact cash. The ATM machine will be available. 

Money raised from the sale on these days is being used to offset the monthly expense that the Club is experiencing during the shutdown.  Since there is a limited supply of books, they will be sold on a first-come first -served basis.

Message from the Chairman

As the Club enters its seventh month of closure, I want to update you on recent decisions by the Board of Directors. The board continues to meet monthly either through Zoom conferencing or in person. We review the monthly expenditures and continue to look at ways to reduce costs. Workers compensation costs have been reduced by $7000 and insurance on the building reduced by $3000. These reductions were made possible simply by a reduction in staff at dinners and non use of the building.  

Help from Members in the Trades

In March we demolished the women’s restroom with anticipation of completing the remodel in April. We stopped the remodel project due to costs and decided it was not prudent to go forward, as we may need the money to pay monthly expenses. We would still like to finish the project with assistance from members. Do you have skills in plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry or tile setting?  We do not expect the work to be done for free but if you have the skills, the time and are willing to help, perhaps we might work out an agreement for the work to be done at a reduced cost. If you can help please contact Tony Ballestero, at tonyb369@comcast.com, phone (415) 794-9113 and he can give you the details on what is needed. 

Dues for 2021

The Board decided that the dues for 2021 will remain the same, $180 for the year. We know not much has gone on since March but we hope you will continue to support the Club. Your dues will go to paying the monthly expenses. It is only $15 a month to belong to the largest Italian club west of the Mississippi. If you are having financial difficulties and having problems with paying your dues please contact me. We don’t want to lose you as a member. This year we will be sending you your dues reminder online and not by mail. You will be able to pay online or by check. By not mailing out the dues reminder  it will save the club $500.

Free Birthday Meals

The board has decided that we cannot honor free birthday dinners from the time we closed until we reopen. We currently have over 600 outstanding free birthday dinners. Financially, we cannot honor these at this time. Please understand that decision was not easy but we are trying to do everything possible to cut corners until we reopen.          

Lastly, the crosswalk has finally gone out to bid and the council will award the bid later this year.

-Cyril Bonanno, 
Chairman of the Board

To All Who Contributed to the Club History Book

Thank you to all members of the Colombo Club and Colombo Club Auxiliary who submitted stories, photos and ideas for the Cent Anni: A 100 Year History of the Colombo Club.  Your contributions added to the rich history of our Club.  For those of you who have already picked up a copy of the book, I hope you are enjoying it.  If you still need to pick your pre-ordered copy or purchase a copy, you can do so this month at the Club on any of these three days: Wednesday, October 7; Saturday, October 17; Thursday, October 29.

-Rich Puppione

Our Cultural Heritage

Regions of Italy

by Rich Puppione, Club Historian

Lombardy ranges from the Alps to the countryside, from art cities to small hamlets in what is Italy’s lake-district. Lombardy is the perfect destination for those looking for a dynamic, exciting holiday. It is the leading industrial and commercial region of Italy. Milan, the chief city, is one of the largest industrial centers of Italy. Its cathedral, La Scala opera house and Santa Maria delle Grazie, home of da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” are just some of Milan’s most famous sights.

Lombardy’s other major cities include Brescia, Bergamo with its charming medieval historic center and Orobie Alps. Manufacturers include electrical appliances, textiles, furniture, processed foods, chemicals, and leather. Lombardy is also Italy’s leading agricultural area.

Valle d’Aosta is Italy’s smallest region. It is a mountainous region dotted with tiny towns and castles. The town of Aosta retains its original Roman grid pattern and Roman remains are still visible. Aosta’s huge main square has several attractive buildings including the city hall and the historic medieval sights including a Roman bridge, a Roman arch honoring Augustus Caesar, a first century Roman theater, and Porta Pretoria, the town gate. The first century Tour Fromage, the Cheese Tower, is next to the theater. Other Roman and medieval towers and parts of the old city walls can be seen at the edges of the historic center such as the Roman Forum, including a marketplace and baths. Originally built in the fourth century, the current cathedral dates from the eleventh century.  One the Italy’s top historic cafes, the Cafe Nazionale, in operation since 1886, is on the main square. Long ago there was a church on this site, and there is actually a chapel inside the cafe, built as a private sanctuary for the dukes of Aosta.

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