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Phone Directory

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Event Reservation Hotline

Reservation Mail BoxesPhone NumberExtension
Birthday Dinner (1st Thursday of the Month) (510) 653-9716ext. 301
Birthday Dinner (2nd Thursday of the Month) (510) 653-9716ext. 302
Birthday Dinner (4th Thursday of the Month) (510) 653-9716ext. 303
Family Dinners(510) 653-9716ext. 304
Men’s Lunch (510) 653-9716ext. 305
Special Events(510) 653-9716ext. 306
To Cancel Your Reservations(510) 653-9716ext. 308
To Check on Your Prepaid

Dial by Department

Department NamePhone NumberExtension
Catering Manager(510) 653-9716ext. 350
Dues and Membership(510) 653-9716ext. 354
General Messages(510) 653-9716ext. 361
Club President(510) 653-9716ext. 356
Corres. Secretary(510) 653-9716ext. 352
House Chair(510) 653-9716ext. 353
Reservations Chair(510) 653-9716ext. 359
Scholarship Chair(510) 653-9716ext. 357
Sunshine Chair(510) 653-9716ext. 351
Treasurer(510) 653-9716ext. 360
Ball Room (510) 653-9716ext. 103
Board Room (510) 653-9716ext.107
Computer Room (510) 653-9716ext. 102
Isabella Room (510) 653-9716ext. 100
Kitchen(510) 653-9716ext. 105
Main Bar (510) 653-9716ext. 106
Club Fax Line(510) 653-9053--
Website Developer(925) 480-7238--

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