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December 9th, 2023 – Children’s Christmas Party

On Saturday December 9, 2023, at 12 Noon (doors will open at 11:00) we will be holding our 71st  Annual Children’s Christmas Party for our members’ children and grandchildren, age 12 and under. This event has been made possible by donations from our members (or member’s representatives) for the past 71 years. 

Please mark your choice of options on the reservation form below.

Option #1: Pick up only (no lunch provided). Just drop by the club’s Ed Basso/Isabella Room between 9 am – 10:30 am to pick up your child’s (children’s) gift(s). Pre-notification required.

Option #2 Arrive at the club by 11:00 am and receive your gift by age groups from Santa and Mrs. Claus as we did before the pandemic. Please remember, we start promptly at 12 Noon with the first age group, each age group takes about 20 minutes and we don’t want your child to miss their opportunity to receive their gift from Santa.


We highly encourage you to fill out the form below as quickly as possible (this helps Santa with his list). If that is not possible, please print out the attached reservation form, list the name, age, and sex of your children and mail it to the Colombo Club BEFORE October 30th.


If you are mailing the form in, mark the outside of your envelope “CHILDRENS’ CHRISTMAS PARTY” and mail it to the club. Your reservations must be received before October 30.  Include any donations that you wish to make with your reservation form.


If you wish to make a monetary donation (we would greatly appreciate it) either from you, your company or “in memory of”, you have two options. Either click on the link below and fill out the google form and make the donation via our website or Send a check to the Colombo Club with the amount to donate and designate you, your company or “in memory of”.


We wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!


Tony Ballestero, Colombo Club President, and Yvonne Evans, Colombo Club Auxiliary President

Joe Ianora and Denise Picetti, Chairpersons, Children’s Christmas Party


Mail the form to:  The Colombo Club and Colombo Club Auxiliary

5321 Claremont Avenue, Oakland CA 94618


Donations for the Christmas party, click here.

Christmas Party Sign up, click here.