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We’re sorry, but for security reasons you are not allowed to access certain portions of the Colombo Club website while using a Proxy or VPN IP account. This policy is in place to reduce spam submissions and attempts to circumvent site security.

We utilize the proxycheck.io API to prevent Proxies, Tor, VPN’s, reported abusive IP Addresses, Ranges or ASN’s from accessing our login, registration, contact forms and other critical site functions. This helps us to deter spammers and other bad actors as many of them use Proxies to hide their true location. Your IP address [show_ip] located in [geoip_detect2 property=”city”] most likely falls into one of the above categories.

To gain complete access our site, simply turn off your VPN and hit the back button on your browser. You may need to refresh the page in your browser to regain full access.

If you think you have received this notice is in error, please contact our web developers, Motta Industries Web Design at support@mottaindustries.com We will attempt to troubleshoot the problem and/or offer you an alternative solution.

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