The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 1
The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 2
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Help the Colombo Club out and make a little cash for yourself too. Positions need to be filled immediately.

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Colombo Club Opera night

Featuring America’s beloved tenor, DANIEL RODRIGUEZ and international soprano sensation, MARLA KAVANAUGH.

April 30th, 2022

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Auxiliary President’s Message: April 2022
HALLELUJAH, it actually looks like Colombo Club Women’s Auxiliary is planning events for 2022. I realize that there are still...
Board Chairman’s Message: April 2022 As many of you know Tony Tedeschi, House Manager, has been ill. At the March Board meeting the Board...
Club President’s Message: April 2022
Well things are heating up at your Colombo Club and that is not just in the kitchen. I am looking...
Auxiliary President’s Message: March 2022
Let’s hope the luck of the Irish will shine on the Colombo Club Auxiliary activities for the rest of 2022....
Club President’s Message: March 2022
Marching on! We are slowly taking one step at a time to bring back normalcy at the Colombo Club. The...
Buon Compleanno!
Let's wish our fellow Colombo Club members a happy May 2022 birthday

Jeff Accornero
Robert J. Aiello
Dominick Amadeo
Sean Ancelet
Stephen Andres
Anthony Bartenetti
Clark Beermann
Joel Bellison
Robert Berkheiser
Frank Bisbiglia
Nicholas Bloisa
Greg Bonato
Dennis Brescia
Troy Brincat
Ron Brockhoff
Frank Bruno
Bruno Buti
Paul A. Campana
Jason Catalano
Thomas J. Caya
Ron Cecaci, Sr.
Michael Cirimele
Matthew Crudo
Al DeLa Campa
John DeRespini
Paul A. DiPiazza
Christopher Dobson
Clifford Drescher
Frank Fanelli
Robert Fazzio
Rocco M. Franciosa
Joseph T. Gennaro
Dennis Gori
Gerald W. Gouveia
Mike Green
Scott Hofstede
Chris M. Isola
Anthony Jeffrey
Gary Kaady
John Lanfranki
Charles Lehmann
Michael Malone
Joseph Markette III
Paul Martin
Chris McClure
Jim P. McDermott
Gary Mora
Sky Pace
Mike Paoletti
Mario Paoletti
Phil Perrone
Steve Perry
Richard Pettit
Dave Puhlman
Tony Raffanelli
Larry Ratto
Jack J. Ravazza, Jr.
Bernard L. Remoaldo
John M. Revelli
Ben Reyes, Jr.
Jeffrey Ribera
Ryan Romano
Patrick L. Rotelli
Brian Schafer
Vern Sgamba
John Sidari
Wesley M. Sillineri
David Steves
Chal Sulprizio
Phil Turano
Thomas Valdriz
Mike Valerio
Steve Vario
Samuel Veneziano
Kevin Joseph Verducci
Nicholas R. Virgallito
Perry Vittoria
Albert Zavattero


 Members Corner

Wishing a speedy and full recovery to
Angelo Magurno

Tony Milichichi
In Memoriam
Member since 1980

Frank “Whitey” Negherbon
In Memoriam
Member since 1953

Anthony V. D’erico, Jr.
In Memoriam
Member since 1995

Edward Arri
In Memoriam
Golden Member since 1966;
Past President 2000 and 2015

Frank Bienati
In Memoriam
Member since 1977

Domenic Marty
In Memoriam
Past Financial Secretary
Member since 1995

Milton Bruzzone
In Memoriam
Member since 1997

Vito Ciarfaglio, Sr
In Memoriam
Member since 2001

Frances Miller
In Memoriam
Women’s Auxiliary

If you are aware of a member who is ill or passed away,
please contact Gordon Bowman, Sunshine Chair (925) 449-5499.

The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 6
Hail to the king!  Host your next groovy event at the world famous Colombo Club

Rental reservations are available to current Colombo Club members ONLY.
Availability subject to current COVID-19 federal, state and local quarantine restrictions.

The Colombo Club is a private members only club.

The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 7
Dave Nardi San Francisco Eastbay Realtor


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