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  • L’ultimo vestito ce lo fanno senza tasche

    2023 Club Membership Renewal

    We are one of the nation’s largest Italian social clubs. Thank you members for your continued support!

    The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 1

  • Un lavoro ben fatto

    Premio Di Apprezzamento

    The following members were added to the Premio Di Apprezzamento wall for their generous and extraordinary commitment of time to the club:

    Billy Castell, Ken DeCrosta, Danny Foster, Angelo Magurno, Dave Nardi, John Nardi, Rich Puppione and Carmen Rizzo.

    The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 2

  • The Colombo Club Presents

    Broadway to Boheme

    this event has been postponed

    Current Ticket holders will be contacted for refund
    The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 3

  • Colombo Club/Colombo Club Auxiliary

    2023 Student Scholarships

    Scholarship Applications are Available Now!

    Sons, grandsons, daughters and granddaughters of Colombo Club or Colombo Club Auxiliary members are eligible.

    The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 4

Upcoming Events

Event Name
Menu Item
birthday dinner + father & son
Pasta and Meatball
Birthday Dinner + Father & Son
Pasta and Meatball
Pizza Night
Cheesy Combo
Auxiliary President’s Message: September 2022
This is a very difficult time for me. My beloved sister Gloria Baff passed away unexpectedly. Gloria Baff She was...
Club President’s Message: September 2022
Hard to believe we just passed our 102 years. As always, the Anniversary dinner was an epic event – the...
Auxiliary President’s Message: August 2022
I do hope that everyone had a safe and fun celebration of America’s independence. The Chicago shooting really made me...
Board Chairman’s Message: August 2022
Snapshot in to the Club Finances We have all been impacted by the current increase in costs in every aspect...
Club President’s Message: August 2022
July proved to be a great month for the Colombo Club. The Bocce Tournament in Martinez was fantastic and very...
Buon Compleanno!
Let's wish our fellow Colombo Club members a happy Settembre 2022 birthday

Sam Abu-Ghaben
Thomas Adair, USMC
John Barassi
Anthony Barbuscia
James Bartha
Lorenzo Bazinett
Russ Belleci
Anthony Bellomo
Jonathan J. Bellusa
Alessandro Bertoncello
Mike Bonanno
Leonard Butticci
Randy Cabral
Anthony J. Capra
Bill Cesarini
Paul Chivello
Neno Costanza
Michael Joseph Cressio
Lawrence Delucchi
Gregory DiLoreto
Marc DiLuca
Ralph Duncan
Walt Edgerley
Bradley J. Ertola
Ralph Fattore
Joseph J. Ferrara
Gil Follini
Fred Framsted
Thomas Galletti
Thomas D. Gallinatti
Gordon Galvan
Paul Giudice
Paul Grazzini
Matthew Guichard
Mark Halfon
Douglas Handran
Robert Ivy
Tristano Jones
Tom Lerone
Jeffrey Leuchi
Anthony Martinelli
Darin L. Martinelli, D.Phil.
Michael Medeiros
Chris C. Moulis
Brian O’Sullivan
Ron Pacheco
Dennis Pagni
Cosimo Panetta
Renzo Papucci
Andrew Peritore
Michael Perry
Paul Peterson
Alexander Peterson
Garst Peterson
Norman Pilat
Steven D. Pittlick
John Porras
Dino Quarante
Joseph Radwan
Dennis J. Rainero
Wayne Re
Michael C. Riedel
Dean Rinetti
Phillip Rocco
Louie A. Rossi
Kenneth Grant Rubino
Thomas Sarnicola
Peter L. Scalise, Jr.
Charlie Scharff
Bret Small
Joseph Spinozzi
Franco Tamburrino
Edward F Tocci
Lloyd J. Torchio II
Tony Trampetti
Michael D. Vaiana
Keith Vanhole
Mark Vasgerdsian
Louis Ventimiglio
Luciano Vinci
Shawn White


 Members Corner

R. Douglas Emeldi
In Memoriam
2007 -2008 Club President
2015 – 2022 Board Member

Manuel Camara, Jr.
In Memoriam
Member since 1996

Donald Dickson
In Memoriam
Golden Member since 1954

Gerald Gouveia
In Memoriam
Member since 2017

Alan Puccini
In Memoriam
Member since 1999

Carl Larson
In Memoriam
Member since 2001

If you are aware of a member who is ill or passed away,
please contact Gordon Bowman, Sunshine Chair (925) 449-5499.

The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 5
Hail to the king!  Host your next groovy event at the world famous Colombo Club

Rental reservations are available to current Colombo Club members ONLY.
Availability subject to current COVID-19 federal, state and local quarantine restrictions.

The Colombo Club is a private members only club.

The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 6
Dave Nardi San Francisco Eastbay Realtor