Thank you Club Supporters

To all who came out to purchase sausage dinners or buy club merchandise THANK YOU!

EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to the club members who cooked, prepared, cleaned and setup this event.
Thanks to all of you for making this much needed event a smashing success!

The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 9
Hail to the king!  Host your next groovy event at the world famous Colombo Club

Rental reservations are available to current Colombo Club members ONLY.
Availability subject to current COVID-19 federal, state and local quarantine restrictions.

The Colombo Club is a private members only club.

The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 10
The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 11
We're hard at work designing smart social distance strategies, new sanitization steps, and revamping our food and beverage safe handling procedures.

Food Safety and COVID-19 tips courtesy of
Mytonomy Health Education Systems

Buon Compleanno!
Let's wish our fellow Colombo Club members a happy March 2021 birthday

Leo T. Allamanno
Mark Amaro
Stelvio Andora
Henry Andreotti
Robert Patrick Anzilotti
Mike Baglietto
Anthony P. Ballestero, PE, LS
Louis R. Barella
Mark Benedetti
Bob Berry
Tom Betti
Les D. Bianchi
Lawrence M. Bienati
Nicholas Bloisa
Jim Boyd
Danny Brown
Frances Gabriel Cabrita
Anthony N. Capra
Russel E. Carrel
Dave Cecaci
Steven J. Cecaci
Marc Colombo
John Conte
David Conti
Steven Correia
Natale D. Cusumano, Jr.
Aldo J. Del Soldato
Richard Delmonico
Richard Delsoldato
Dario C. DeVincenzi
Bill Dobert
Alexander Duran
Michael Edwards
Duke Evans
Kenny Robert Fazzio
John P. Fillipucci
Gino Fissore
Patrick J. Fracisco
Francis J. Furino
Jordan Gatto
Jim Gilchrist
Gilbert M. Granucci
Michael J. Guerrero
Spencer Harmola
Ryan Hattersley
Frank Hennefer
Michael Henning
David E. Hunt
Joseph W. Huston
Jamie Karg
Scott Lambert
Christopher A. Lamiero
Quentin Martin
Edward J. Matraia, Jr.
Ronald Mescola
Raymond Milani
Paul Moresi
Sebastian Moriana
Bill Neill
Bart A. Orsi
Gary Pacini
Louis A. Pandolfo
Mark Passalacqua
Curtis Perata
Farid Radwan
Matthew Raimondi
Tony Riccardi
Gary J. Russello
Romain Saide
John Sandroni
Chris Schenone
Derek Sciacqua
Cal Scilacci
Rich Sciortino
James V. Senneca
Brian Thomsen
Cyril Vierra
Norbert Waldron
Robert Woods
Paul Yezzi
Daniel Zumbo


 Members Corner

Edward Arri
In Memoriam
Golden Member since 1966;
Past President 2000 and 2015

Steven Salvatore Cusenza
In Memoriam
Member since 2015

Gina Franco-Controneo
In Memoriam
Women’s Auxiliary

Frances Miller
In Memoriam
Women’s Auxiliary

Sylvester De Fazio
In Memoriam
Member since 1981

Alfonso Lamata
In Memoriam
Member since 2003

If you are aware of a member who is ill or passed away,
please contact Gordon Bowman, Sunshine Chair (925) 449-5499.

Cent' anni

100 years of the Colombo Club
On sale now
Join our 100 year mission to preserve and celebrate Italian cultural traditions, customs and heritage. This 167 page hard bound volume documents a historical record written and conceived by past Colombo Club President, Mr. Rich Puppione.
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