The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 1
The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 2
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Colombo Club Opera night

Featuring America’s beloved tenor, DANIEL RODRIGUEZ and international soprano sensation, MARLA KAVANAUGH.

April 30th, 2022

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Club President’s Message: June 2022
I can feel the warmth of Summer right around the corner. This time of year always makes me happy, but...
Auxiliary President’s Message: July 2022
Here we are looking at the middle of summer. I know how disappointed we all were when our May Sunday...
Club President’s Message: July 2022
Hard to believe that we are mid-way through the 2022 year. Life was a lot slower during the covid era....
Auxiliary President’s Message: April 2022
HALLELUJAH, it actually looks like Colombo Club Women’s Auxiliary is planning events for 2022. I realize that there are still...
Board Chairman’s Message: April 2022 As many of you know Tony Tedeschi, House Manager, has been ill. At the March Board meeting the Board...
Buon Compleanno!
Let's wish our fellow Colombo Club members a happy Luglio 2022 birthday

Darrel Andrada
Christopher Angerame
Francesco Aquila
Albert M. Badella
Mark A. Baeta
John Barry
David A. Bevilacqua
Frank Blazic
William “Tom” Bruce
Dominic Calegari
Carlo Canaparo
Lt. John F. Caponio
Mike Caya
Eric Cline
James B. Colussi
Keith Conti
Gianfranco Corti
John DeNurra
Joseph F. DeNurra Jr
Alfonso DePianto
Vincent DiMaggio
Jason Dobert
Michael D’Onofrio
Brian Dooley
Richard Doppie
Troy Duncan
Brad Ertola II
Joseph Penna Falaschi
Dustin Fanucchi
Steven P. Ferolito
Orlando Frasca
Giorgio Fundaró
Mauro Gasparro
Brian J. Geary
Alan S. Geary
Stanley E. Geary
Corti Gianfranco
Albert P. Giordano
Michael Granelli
Curtis W. Grasso
Wayne Gregori
Michael Joseph Holland
Joe Ianora
Michael Dante Inzerillo
Ernest Isola
Bill Johansen
Peter Donald Johns
Craig Jones
Lee Landini
Joseph Lapenna
James Liberatore
Christopher Lucia
Dominic Lucia
Joseph F. Lupino
Vito A. Magliano
Angelo Magurno
David Mann
Franco Maramonte
Anthony Maramonte
Peter Marcuzzo
John Marshall
James Martin
Lawrence Martinelli
Joseph McCarthy
Justen Meadows
Michael J. Menchin
John M. Miller
Jack Minicucci
Glen D. Montevago
James P. Muglie
Nick Nicora
James Norsworthy
John Ogro, Jr.
Carlo Panetta
Richard Pasquini
William Pastina
Michael Picetti
Frank Raimondi
Lou Ramondetta
Benedetto Ratto Jr
John B. Riker
Michael Sandroni
Gary J. Santoro
Patrick Scalise
Bill Schmitz
Mike J. Seereiter
Paul Sekins
Wesley A. Sillineri
Antones Staurianopoulos
Carlo Tamburrino
Walt Telles
Tyler Tomei
Robert Trucco
Kent VanHole
Michael Vardanega
Patrick Wright
Dale Wright
Joe Salvatore Zumbo


 Members Corner

R. Douglas Emeldi
In Memoriam
2007 -2008 Club President
2015 – 2022 Board Member

Manuel Camara, Jr.
In Memoriam
Member since 1996

Donald Dickson
In Memoriam
Golden Member since 1954

Ernie Cecaci
In Memoriam
Member since 1977

Tony Milichichi
In Memoriam
Member since 1980

Carl Larson
In Memoriam
Cherished Member

Robert J. Mussano
In Memoriam
Cherished Member

Wayne R. Siligo
In Memoriam
Member since 2001

Frank Bienati
In Memoriam
Member since 1977

If you are aware of a member who is ill or passed away,
please contact Gordon Bowman, Sunshine Chair (925) 449-5499.

The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 6
Hail to the king!  Host your next groovy event at the world famous Colombo Club

Rental reservations are available to current Colombo Club members ONLY.
Availability subject to current COVID-19 federal, state and local quarantine restrictions.

The Colombo Club is a private members only club.

The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi 7
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